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Welcome! Bienvenidos!

Musician and owner of Orquesta Veneno, Sergio Poventud, has very deep roots in Milwaukee's Puerto Rican/Latin music community. His early influences where at family celebrations filled with laughter and music as family members brought their guitars along with the Puerto Rican cuatro (ten string guitar), maracas, guira and bongoses as they sang old boleros, guarachas, and Puerto Rican "decimas". He particularly loved the distictive sounds that came from the bongos which helped fuel his love for the music and its lore.

With catholic parents actively involved with their local church, Poventud could not help but be drawned by its spanish choir and musicians furthering his desire and exposure to latin percussion.

Although not old enough, with his Dad's influence, Poventud was able to work at the church and scrape enough money to finally realize his obsession of owning his own bongos. Certainly, it goes without saying, the young Poventud made the most of his purchase. Relentlessly, he practiced with his bongos or without them using the church's pew as he tapped to the beat of the choir until they finally took notice and asked him to officially join in.

As he grew older, his passion did too. Listening to the music of Ray Barreto, Tito Puente, Ismael Rivera, Johnny Ventura, El Gran Combo, Tito Rodriquez, Wilfredo Vargas, Willie Rosario, Bobby Valentin, Tommy Olivencia and so many others, Poventud polished his skills and soon built a reputation among local artists of which often saught him to guest star in their performances.

As he continues to master his craft, Poventud is often asked to share stage with such renown legendary performers as Luis Enrique, Eddie Santiago, Willie Colon, La Chicas del Can, Wilfrido Vargas, Grupo Karis, Fuera de Liga, Tito Puente and his Orquesta, Eddie Palmieri and his Orquesta, La India, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico, and many more.

Poventud continues his career and deep involvement in Milwaukee's local hispanic scene with Orquesta Veneno, which once was a five piece band that has evolved into a full orquestra of 13 musicians performing throughout the midwest at popular hot spots. Along with Orquesta Veneno's talented cast, Poventud continues to inspire those with passion for our music, and culture.